Thursday, February 24, 2011


The Best in Rock, Music Composition and Gaming Collaborate to Deliver an Emotionally Powerful Soundtrack to one of the Most Anticipated Games of the Year

Lower the lights, turn up the volume and prepare for an incomparable audio sensation when you drop in Dragon Age™ II, hailed by Yahoo!, Game Informer, IGN, GameSpot and Seth Schiesel from the New York Times as one of the year's most anticipated video games. BioWare™ has teamed up with the Grammy Awards' Best New Artist nominee Florence + The Machine for an exclusive re-imagining of "I'm not calling you a liar" that you can only hear in-game in Dragon Age II. Produced by award-winning composer Inon Zur and Steve Schnur, and mixed by Jack Joseph Puig - known for his work with U2, The Rolling Stones, No Doubt and Green Day, the song appears in-game as "I'm Not Calling You A Liar (Dragon Age II: Varric's Theme)". Additionally, Zur returns to bring a wide range of dynamic music styles to Dragon Age II. From ethereal and mystical to bombastic and lyrical, his original score befits the game's dramatic story and visuals and helps drive the heart-pounding action.

"With the band's full blessings and enthusiasm, we isolated Florence's original vocals from one of their most unique songs and completely 'Dragon-Aged' it," said Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing for EA as well as the track's co-producer. "What was originally a powerfully stark, acoustic-based song has been reborn with all-new instrumentation and full orchestration. The results are an epic anthem for the next stage of the Dragon Age legend."

Part one of the Dragon Age II soundtrack* will be available for purchase on March 8, 2011 at all digital music service providers worldwide for $3.99.

The following tracks will be included:

· Dragon Age II Main Theme
· Hawke Family Theme
· Qunari On The Rise
· Templars
· Love Scene
· Arishok
· Tavern Music
· Viscount
· Mages
· Fenris Theme
· Kirkwall Nights
· Rogue Heart

To hear a small sampling of the soundrack, "Hawke Family Theme" and "Qunari on the Rise," please visit

In addition to being nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award, Florence + the Machine's debut album "Lungs" spent 65 consecutive weeks on the top 40 chart in the United Kingdom and won the 2010 BRIT Mastercard British Album Award. Inon Zur's score for Dragon Age: Origins also won Best Original Video Game Score at the Movie Music UK Awards and Best Original Song at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.

Additional tracks from the Dragon Age II soundtrack will be available for purchase on April 12 and May 10. Dragon Age II will be in stores in North America on March 8, 2011 on the Xbox 360™ computer and videogame system, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, PC and Mac®. Gamers who want to get a small taste of the game and exclusive new music can download the Dragon Age II demo available now on Xbox LIVE®, PlayStation® Network and PC. For more information on Dragon Age II, please visit, "like" us at or follow us at

*Those who pre-ordered the Dragon Age II BioWare Signature Edition will receive the full soundtrack at no additional cost.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Original Music Score Composed by Matthew Harwood,
Recorded with A-List Musicians in New York

New York - February 22nd, 2011 - Sumthing Else Music Works, Inc. proudly presents Homefront™ Original Soundtrack featuring the original music score from the highly anticipated first-person-shooter video game Homefront™ developed by Kaos Studios®, a division of THQ Inc. Composed by Matthew Harwood whose previous scores include Frontlines: Fuel of War™, the Homefront Original Soundtrack is scheduled for release on March 8th, 2011 to retail outlets through Sumthing Else Music Works, and for digital download at, Amazon MP3, iTunes® and other digital music sites.

Set in the year 2027, Homefront is an immersive first person shooter that delivers a gut-wrenching cinematic experience. Written by John Milius (Red Dawn, Apocalypse Now), parts of the American homeland are occupied by a savage far-east alliance driven by a nuclear-armed North Korean Army. In the aftermath of a crippling global energy crisis and a decade of economic and political turmoil, America has fallen. Its infrastructure shattered and military in disarray, the USA is powerless to resist the ever-expanding occupation. A once free people are now prisoners or collaborators or revolutionaries. The plot focuses on the story of a small resistance group amidst a larger set of events.

"Homefront is so rich and compelling that creating the score to support it was both rewarding and challenging," says composer Matthew Harwood. "I would ask myself, how would I feel if this were to actually happen, how would I live, what would I do to protect my family, would I stand by and watch, or would I fight? The world of Homefront posed these questions to me in a way I was not initially expecting. Those questions were the cornerstone that I used to form an emotional compass for the compositions."

Describing the music for Homefront, Harwood explains, "Stylistically, the orchestra, which was fused with electronic elements that were supported by Asian percussion, was the brick and mortar. I also wanted to use guitars (both acoustic and electric) to help sell the locale. Asian instrumentation such as the erhu and pipa are heard to help mold the sonic quality. When we recorded the orchestra we did so in New York and it was a thrill to hear the score brought to life by the caliber musicians here in the city. To me, Homefront represents something rare in gaming, where the story and what it has to say are integral in the experience. Composing music for Homefront was a pleasure. I hope you enjoy listening!"

Homefront is scheduled for release on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Windows PC on March 15th, 2011. For more information on Homefront, visit

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